Thursday, December 27, 2007

Plain Janes Rule and killer galaxies may not be so bad after all!

Just read a couple of interesting articles in World Science online zine.

First, it appears that our notion of beauty is based on the average of facial features.

What is phys­i­cal beau­ty, in a per­son?

In re­cent years, much sci­en­tif­ic opin­ion has gath­ered in sup­port of a some­what dreary an­swer: beau­ty is just the av­er­age.

There’s something to that, stud­ies show. Vol­un­teers gen­er­ally rate “av­er­age” faces, crea­ted by com­pu­ters as composites of many others, as bet­ter-look­ing than un­u­sual faces. Blend­ing even just a few faces—even un­at­trac­tive ones—tends to pro­duce sur­pris­ing im­prove­ments.

You can read the rest of the article here.

Second, the giant black hole in the center of one galaxy is spreading a path of destruction in a nearby smaller galaxy but the overall result may create new stars and planets.

In a never-before seen event, a pow­er­ful jet from a gal­ax­y’s gi­ant, cen­tral black hole is pum­mel­ing a near­by gal­axy, ac­cord­ing to as­tro­no­mers. The beam may pro­foundly dis­turb plan­ets in its path and lat­er trig­ger a burst of star forma­t­ion, they said.

You can read the rest of the article here.

Interesting concepts, huh? And now you can be proud of being a plain Jane :D

Have a Happy New Year (from one beautiful Plain Jane to all the rest of you beautiful Plain Janes)


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